miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

Vivir Es Siempre Estar Muriendo (English please)

Living is always dieing.

The moment that just went by,

the sex you had this morning or last night,

even the breath you just took is dead;

and yet we are living dieing every moment.

I am regular soul who has been sitting in this place for some time now.

As the fog starts to clear up i begin to recognize, signs, symbols, paterns, the past.

And as I am riding this train to San Diego from LA,

the afternoon sun shines and brightens the upper part of the clouds.

The clouds remind me of my lingering memories,

clouds of different shape, size and height

waiting for a purpose to be reunited in one

and then fall,

in form of little pieces of water,

commited to their little suicide-sacrifice,

kamikaze like,

to become part of the new start that rains allows

Death and Birth as One.

(Dedicada para twitero compañero-del-mismo-dolor)

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